Advantages of Taxi Security Cameras

Protect drivers - Cabbies are in a vulnerable position. They put their trust in their passengers. Security cameras can help to deter unruly passengers from acting out of line.
Deter violence - Whether the result of alcohol, or many other factors, violent confrontations can and do occur between cab passengers and drivers. The presence of in-cab surveillance cameras can make riders think twice before acting afoul.
Prevent robberies - When security cameras are onboard, anyone attempting to rob a cabbie will have to do so knowing their every move is being videotaped. That knowledge alone should be enough to stop many potential robbers in their tracks.
Monitor driver behavior - Passengers aren't the only ones with the potential to act out of line in a taxi cab. Drivers can also be guilty on occasion. Taxicams help to ensure that cab drivers carry out their duties in a professional manner.
Provide visual evidence - In cases where violent confrontations or robberies do take place, in-cab security cameras can provide valuable video evidence for criminal investigations.